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May 16, 2015

Cover TalonUThe Talon of the Unnamed Goddess (originally The Talon of the Raptor Clan) was my first published novel thanks to much help from my co-author, J. R. Tomlin–an award-winning Historical author. The novel was a 2010 EPPIE  Fiction/Fantasy finalist.

My fantasy books cover a wide variety of protagonists, environments and magics.

What distinguishes one protagonist from another is their unique upbringing–the forge that makes each who they are. Their worlds vary from ancient times–swords and horses–to modern times–AK-47s and cars.

The magic in each story is unique, sometimes mental and other times physical. I prefer limited and conservative powers because I believe that makes it easier to imagine and more realistic. For example a wizard with the ability to create and throw fireballs if limited in time to create and throwing  distance you could imagine as a person with a flame-thrower.


  1. Mark says:


    When you originally released “ZAP Agent Mathis”, I left a review that said that it felt like it was basically a re-write of the Kazak Series, in that it had a similar concept. I have just finished reading your re-write of ZAP in the form of “Kazak Guardians: Megan.” I loved it!!!! Give it 5 stars!!!!! It tied into the Kazak series wonderfully, and, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it much more than I did ZAP Agent Mathis. I can’t wait till your next book is out!!!

    • Clem Clem says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the update. Glad you enjoyed Megan. Sorry about ZAP. It was necessary because of a Rights dispute. Now that it’s settled, I decided to convert it to the Kazak series which it was always meant to be.

      • Arik says:

        I was happy to finally get to see ZAP as Kazak book 3, the way I figured it was always meant to be and the story fits in nicely with the series.. Unfortunately reviewers on Amazon seem not to realize that ZAP was a modified version of what was originally intended due to the rights dispute and its affecting reviews. The statement at the beginning of the book description just seems to cloud the issue a bit as it only states its a rewrite of ZAP and not that its ZAP getting placed where it belongs. Might be a good idea to clarify that a bit.

  2. clem clem says:

    Thanks Jessica. Riss VI: Discovery in December.

  3. Jessica says:

    Love all your books I have read and looking forward to the ones coming out in the future.

  4. Lynne says:

    Are you planning anything for a sequel of Guardians of Evil? I have read and enjoyed most of your books and love your stories. I especially like how you present your main characters. I am eagerly waiting for Red Angel II. Hope your wife is better soon.

  5. Naomi says:

    Many of your fantasy stories would have great sequels. Here are a few of the questions I have. I look forward to reading many more of your books.
    – What trouble can Zara the wolf get into when she moves into the mountains with her friend? How long does it take her to win over the soldiers that go with her? What will the other royals think of her and her friend? Will she have more need to use the blue space?
    – Scales of justice: Does her daughter for want of a better word also survive to become a judge? Do the royals start to cause more issues? what other training must the new judicators have to keep them safe now that they are a target. Will they get military protection?
    Shadow Ryana: Does she have a boy or girl? what path does the child take, a full member of the clan or a spy like their mother? does the Gypsy clan as a whole evolve by the will of the king into a spy network for him? Do other sisters come and spend time with Ryana for training?

    • clem clem says:

      Check out my answer to Annie Harris on the Home page regarding sequels.

      Zara the Wolf. Great questions for a sequel. Zara will probably be going into the mountains to access various situations and to deal with problems that arise–but not her friend Shelly. She would be acting for the Duke and spend her time in castles advising or dictating or negotiating as the situation requires. Zara would act alone when she went into the mountains. Soldiers aren’t trained for mountain fighting or scouting and would only hinder her. And the Royalty will always be a problem as they like being in control, don’t like taking orders even when it’s in their best interest, and always think they know best. Not to mention greedy, power hungry, and believe themselves demigods.

      Scales of Justice. Jola’s adopted daughter, Kit, is destined to be a Judicator–Jola’s golden viper accepted her, and she will be raised by the Judicators. And yes, the Royalty will always cause trouble, because they believe they are the rightful rulers and shouldn’t be subject to the same laws as the commoners. The Judicators can’t have armed guards by treaty and additional training wouldn’t help. Most of them can defend themselves against one or two opponents but a large number would always win regardless of the training.

      Shadow Ryana. Good questions for Ryana III. Ironically, I usually don’t plan out what my characters are going to do. In a sense, I let the character and the situations evolve as I write. Therefore, I’m as cluelss as you when it comes to what she will or won’t do. But I would think should would have a girl but she could have twins or two children, one a boy. I can’t see the Gypsies as spies nor Ryana as a teacher. Ryan’s function is to advise if a Sister in the field has a problem or if Ryana detects a problem the Sister aren’t aware. I’m honestly not sure where Ryana III go–but I open to suggestions.

      • Mark says:

        I, for one, think that regards to Ryana III, the gypsies will be unofficial spies for the king, since he recognized them as a people. And of course what the gypsies generally know, so too does Ryana…

        • Clem Clem says:

          Hi Mark,

          Sorry for the slow response. I would like to write a sequel to the Shadow Series. But Red Angel III is next and the Black Guard after that. I wish writing were a full time profession…But…my writing time is short due to circumstances. Two books appear to be my max.


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