May 16, 2015
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August 16, 2016

Fan Clem 3
  Kung Fu has been a life-long hobby. What does that have to do with writing? Nothing and everything. You will find it–in one way or another–in every book I write–either in the fight scenes or in the philosophy. I began studying the martial arts while in the military in my early twenties. The problem in the military is that you move a lot–around every two to three years–which makes it difficult to learn a style as you have to take what you find at each new station. So my beginning years were more like an introduction to Martial Arts: I began with a Japanese style, Shotokan, then learned an Okinawa style called Goju-ryu, then a style taught by Chuck Norris, and then Kempo. A great introduction; however, I was taught by black belts but not masters, instructors who had inherited their titles from masters of their style.

When I retired from the military I went to work in Massachusettes, I finally found a Kung Fu master and studied a form of Praying Mantis and was introduced to Chen style of Tai Chi. After retirement, I moved to Arizona and found a Dragon style master and was intertroducted to Water Boxing.  More later…

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