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May 16, 2015

Cover BlackG 3The Riss concept was the first story I ever attempted to write, and in a sense, the start of my writing career. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for primetime. It was the story of Admiral Trisha Zann, a young girl at the time, who a Riss invaded after it had been shot by her brother. Trisha kept her Riss a secret for over forty years. She finally revealed her secret in an effort to get the Riss recognized as an intelligent species. The SAS in their paranoia required the Riss to choose human hosts, although they would have preferred to remain in their Gorillai host, and required the human host to be tattooed with a Rh on their face for easy recognition. That first draft, although never published, was the basis for the current Riss Series, which takes place 50 years later.

I began calling the Riss parasites in the first book since the Riss organism takes over all functions of its host, so in a since the host no longer exists except as a vehicle for the Riss. My readers have pointed out the with the human host the relationship is symbiotic.

The Riss are what I would consider a truly advance species: they never kill each other, they consider everyone equally important for their survival and therefore truly equal, judge others by their current actions and not their past, and believe vengeance is cancer that destroys.

And before you ask, I have no idea what challenge will confront Nadya and the Riss in book VI–in their effort to keep the JPU confined to their planets.


  1. Anita says:

    Hi Clem, So it’s Dec., do you have a date yet when Riss VI will be available? or an about date at least? Sorry to be annoying but I can’t wait… I just reread 1 thru 5 which probably made it harder to wait … lol …

    Just as a suggestion, you might want to create a facebook page so it would be easier for you to post what projects your working on and interact with your fans and for your fans to find you or new readers, there are a lot of posts already by people recommending your books .. but don’t get caught up in posting all of the time or stuff that isn’t relevant, though some people like it. I only check out facebook a couple times a week for author updates and new posts concerning my hobbies 🙂 I’m actually not into social media but it is a good way to get new info on subjects that interest me … If you are interested I will post links to a few authors that I follow on facebook just so that I know when they are about ready to release a new book and there are a few authors that I use to follow but stopped because they posted too much irrelevant posts …

    • Clem Clem says:

      Hi, Anita. Yes it’s December and Riss Enemies, book VI, will be published within the next few days. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. You are on my Interest list so you will get an announcement when it’s published. No doubt a Facebook page would be a good idea but I’m not sure I have the time to keep it up. Look at slow I am at keeping my blog up to date. lol.

  2. Karen says:

    The Riss seem to get blamed for everything even though they seem to be contributing the most. Maybe they should run a PR campaign in the SAS. This way the regular people would realize how special the riss are and that might begin the trickle into the navy’s perspective.

    In the Black Guard have you considered having the client wear the bullet proof body suit as an added safety measure?

    • clem clem says:

      Karen, a valid point, but there are fractions that hate the raiders and the Riss. The Riss protecting the raiders has made the situation worse.

      No to the bullet proof body suit. If you look at our military, their equipment weights forty plus pounds.

  3. Joe Griffin says:

    Any plans for a sequel to Zap?

    • clem clem says:

      Not immediately. A few reviewers claimed it was a rewrite of The Kazak Guardians and unfortunately that hurt sales. Although it’s not a rewrite, nothing is the same except the concept, that doesn’t negate the review or the impact. I’m hoping to get back the rights to the Kazak Guardians and eventually write a sequel.

  4. Susan says:

    Mr. Daems, I’ve enjoyed all your books however Riss VI is the one I’m really waiting on. Of course, very much looking forward to Red Angel 2 and if you’d ever consider writing the prequel to the Riss series I’d definitely be buying that one! 🙂

    • clem clem says:

      Well, you’re in partial luck–I finished the first draft of Red Angel II. I’m hoping it will be published in May 2016. Red Angel Book I is titled Smugglers; Book II will be titled Raiders.

      And I am thinking about Riss VI, but it’s competing with another story I considering called Desperate Measures. Not sure which will win for a December publishing. But Riss VI will eventually come out along with the Triaha Zann story–the first Riss human.

    • clem clem says:

      Riss VI is coming sometime late this year or early next year. I’m afraid I go off on tangents frequently and by now there are too many novels that could use a sequel. Fortunately, Riss is always high on the list. Sorry I can’t write faster but writing, editing, and publishing has many inherent delays. But I promise it’s coming.

  5. Naomi says:

    I would love to read Trisha Zann’s story one day. Her life must have been very different from the other Riss. How often did she go back to visit her home planet and the other Riss? What did she have to go through to avoid getting found out earlier especially as she could not receive medical attention and that her Riss would be able to talk to her (and could cause a reaction at an importune moment)? Many other questions come to mind.

    • clem clem says:

      Ironically, I wrote two novels about Trisha Zann, which were never published. They were my first attempt at writing–and I had a lot to learn. Consequently, the publishers I queried didn’t show any interest. I went on to write other stories and the manuscripts got lost.

      I should, and might, try to rewrite her story since it formed the basis for the Riss Series.

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